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“The best audio I’ve ever heard in this park!”

Federico Tomas – The Abbey Catering and Events Design Co.

The following information is for couples who already have their Celebrant/Officiant and are in search of a park audio system. Couples searching for our Officiant & Audio package CLICK HERE.

Our professional battery powered stereo audio system meets the requirements of your San Diego Shoreline Park Use Permit.

Professional Microphones:

San Diego Ceremony Audio | 619-663-5673In addition to the Officiant Microphone, in the event you’re having a friend or two provide readings at your celebration or maybe a vocalist upon request, we can provide an additional vocal microphone. Our system also comes complete with “anti feedback control” to avoid those embarrassing screeching moments.

Professional Stereo Speakers:

San Diego Ceremony Audio | 619-663-5673We use the professional battery powered Roland® BA330 digital audio system that meets AND exceeds the San Diego Shoreline park permit requirements. WE NEVER USE a portable and noisy gas powered generator that violates your park permit. The ranger will cite the couple leaving them responsible for all citations and fines issued.

Ceremony Music:

San Diego Ceremony Audio | 619-663-5673Don’t pay extra to have your D-Jay leave the reception site, drive to the park, set up and break down an additional sound system just to play 3 songs!

(Some restrictions may apply, please read ** below)

In addition to your ceremony music, we have pre/post ceremony music for your guests as they arrive and depart. In most cases, this saves our couples hundreds of dollars.

  • NO additional charge!

Videography Audio Support:

San Diego Ceremony Audio | 619-663-5673Are you planning to have a professional wedding videograher on location to capture your special day? Our system provides a stereo or mono DIGITAL output as a backup to their systems and we’re happy to offer this output as their primary or as a secondary source of audio! A 1/4 inch connection is required by your videographer to connect with our system.

  • NO additional charge!

Events in 2024: $500.00

Here’s what’s included: 

  • Equipment Set up & Break Down.
  • Audio Engineer to run system.
  • Stereo sound system that meets permit requirement.
  • Microphone with stand at the altar for Officiant/Celebrant.
  • Additional microphone with stand for couple OR reader (if requested).
  • **Music for your ceremony – Contemporary or Traditional Processional, Bridal Entrance and Recessional provided OR You may provide Processional, Bridal and Recessional music.
  • **Music for your guests as they arrive and exit your event with your choice of genre (Pop, Contemporary Christian, Country, Hawaiian/Island, Classical Instrumental, Instrumental Piano, Instrumental Guitar)
  • Full stereo/mono digital output for Videographer

A travel fee may be added based on ceremony location. To request our Park Audio System and check for availability, please fill out the form HERE.

** Some parks and permits only allow for voice amplification only and do NOT allow for amplified music to be played. Please read your permit requirements and restrictions.

Some D-Jays know what the rules and restrictions are and will still “sneak in” a gas generator or portable 120V Battery pack (which is prohibited)…. Keep in mind that if caught by the park ranger, the fine is issued TO THE COUPLE, the permit holder – not your D-jay.

Prices subject to change and will be posted on this website.


Our humble beginnings

San Diego Ceremony Audio | 619-663-5673San Diego Ceremony Audio began by fulfilling the need of a couple getting married at the Wedding Bowl at Cuvier Park in La Jolla who had their permit, their chairs, altar, flowers, and Minister but they found they still needed an audio system that meets the park permit requirements and didn’t want to pay the fee their reception D-Jay wanted to come to the park and provide an additional system at the location. We were available to help and San Diego Ceremony Audio was born!

We are not a DJ service

San Diego Ceremony Audio | 619-663-5673We are the less expensive alternative to contracting a wedding reception DJ by providing vocal audio support for the wedding celebrant, the couple (and reader if needed). Some shoreline beach and park permits in the City and County of San Diego do not allow music to be amplified (please review your permit).

We follow the rules so you avoid a costly citation for violating your park permit.

San Diego Ceremony Audio | 619-663-5673We use a professional BATTERY POWERED digital audio system that meets the San Diego Shoreline parks permit requirements. WE NEVER USE a portable gas powered generator to power reception hall equipment that violates your park permit. The couple is liable and responsible for all citations and fines issued.

Being heard and not seen.

San Diego Ceremony Audio | 619-663-5673We arrive early to begin our setup process after your altar and chairs are arranged. Once done, we begin to set up and test our system. With our Roland® stereo sound system, which is equipped with built in anti-feedback, we don’t have to worry about our speakers (and us) having to be up front and facing your guests (and in all your ceremony photos!) We simply hide in the back and all your guests see is… your magical moment at the altar!

“Offering audio support at park and beach weddings when couples already have their Officiant seemed like a logical addition to our ceremony services and what we can offer (something we do when Officiating our own ceremonies). Mary and I have been performing weddings at The Wedding Bowl for years… we even own and operate The Wedding Bowl website that offers couples information on how to save money as a DIY wedding venue. If we’re available to help as an Officiant with our audio package OR just our extended audio package for couples that already  have their Officiant… we’re ready to serve!” – Christopher

* TheKnot, WeddingWire & Yelp!

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